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Secure website hosting

We offer a variety of hosting solutions in line with client needs – from simple shared servers to a bespoke dedicated hosting infrastructure. From a site which receives a handful of daily visitors, to those receiving thousands or even millions each month, we have a hosting solution to suit you.

The majority of our hosting services are fulfilled in our wholly owned and operated cabinets and networking infrastructure in Telehouse East, London, where we connect directly onto the UK internet backbone via our transit providers and connections to the London Internet Exchange (LINX). We have our own independently allocated (RIPE) IP address blocks (both IPv4 and IPv6) and AS number (AS16174), giving us complete autonomy and independence from other network providers.

London Telehouse is the primary hub of all UK internet traffic, where all the major UK internet service providers peer with each other.

The cabinets housing our core routing equipment are distributed across multiple suites on different floors of Telehouse East giving us a highly resilient and secure connection to the internet backbone. Intuitive use BGP to advertise our IP addresses and to learn routes to the rest of the internet via our multiple transit connections and directly with other ISPs who are LINX members.

We have two separate Cisco routers within the core of the network, each having its own independent transit connections that allow them to guarantee connectivity totally autonomously in the event of failure of either router. In addition, each router has a connection to one of the two redundant LINX peering LANs. The routers are in turn connected to a pair of Cisco ASA firewalls which are configured as a failover pair in order to ensure availability and security of the network. Finally, the core of the network is completed by a pair of Cisco Catalyst Layer 3 switches which handle the internal routing of traffic between various VLANs therefore ensuring the security of customer traffic.

HSRP is used to present a single “floating” IP address as a gateway to each VLAN within the network, which will allow for the failure of either core switch. The cabinets used to host the server hardware which forms our hosting solutions are also distributed across two suites. Each rack contains a Cisco Catalyst access switch which is connected to both of the core Layer 3 switches using dual ethernet connections to allow for failure of a router, firewall or Layer 3 switch in any part of the core without any interruption to service.

The Telehouse cabinets offer full uninterruptable power supply and spike protection, and benefit from the comprehensive levels of physical security and disaster recovery maintained throughout the site.

In addition to our facility at Telehouse we have a secondary hosting facility in wholly owned premises in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. This provides a secure and resilient service especially suitable for disaster recovery infrastructure and hosting of large bespoke solutions.

Finally, at our offices in Ickford we host our testing servers and real-time data backup for the other sites.

Since implementation in 1998, our network in London Telehouse has had 100% uptime.

The benefit of being web hosts and developers

  • One port of call for development and technical questions
  • No reliance on faceless ticketing systems – you have direct contact with real people
  • Hosting and development team sit only yards from each other – technical requirements can be discussed and agreed over a quick chat by the water cooler
  • We’re able to monitor site and server performance more effectively – troubleshooting problems before they occur
  • On-going management of the site is much, much easier – no ‘passing the buck’ between providers!