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Mobile website design for Guernsey

Research shows that most internet searches now occur from mobile devices. The mobile platform has become one of the best tools for businesses to showcase, market and sell their products. In addition it encourages easy interaction with customers, engagement and repeat visits.

Standard sites are designed with desktop computers in mind and tend to be difficult to browse on mobile devices due to their size. Mobile friendly (AKA ‘responsive’) websites will usually provide a much better user experience to mobile and tablet visitors, which can lead to improved conversion and visitor retention.

As the number of different mobile phone and tablets increases it’s vital that your site automatically adapts and looks great on all sizes of screen – not just desktop, one size of phone and one size of tablet. This is truly responsive website design, and this is what we do.

Here at Intuitive we have experience of creating responsive websites for a variety of clients – from smaller, local businesses to national and international organisations. We are able to advise our clients on best practice for the mobile web to ensure that they are getting the most out of their mobile visitors.

Today’s consumers are ready to connect with your business on screens of all types and sizes.

Think with Google

Mobile app or responsive website?

When asked by our clients for an app we usually recommend a responsive website instead. Why? Here are some quick reasons:

  • They’re an extension to your website
  • Easier to manage
  • No need to create different versions for Apple, Android and Windows
  • Updates are immediate – no need for users to install the latest version

Basically, one solution fits all. But never fear, if an app is your thing, we can help with that too.